About Me

My Name is Tommy Lounsbury and I live in Springfield, Missouri. It is a beautiful part of the country with crystal clear rivers, deep hollows, mystical caves, fantastic bluffs, amazing lakes, waterfalls, great history,  and wonderful people. I am 48 years old and I have a wonderful family.

The Mountain Man

The Mountain Man

I live for photography and I am always caught with my camera close by. I have been published in magazines such as Climbing, Rock and Ice, NSS News, Backpacker, Canoe and Kayak, to name a few.

I am what many would call “obsessed with pictures” I like taking pictures and I like looking at pictures. I am never very far from my camera and I am constantly looking at the light. Sometimes my friends just don’t get it. They are always asking me “What are you looking at?”

I am what many in the industry would call an “Expedition Photographer” and even though I have had to go back to being a full time driver and a part time photographer, I never stop fantasizing about the next great adventure. From caving in the jungles of Mexico or Vietnam, to climbing in France, and Kayaking in Greenland, to bungee jumping in California and Mountain biking in Moab. I love living life as one fantastic adventure, and I love telling my stories through some pretty righteous photography.


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